Particularly important is the Bearded Vultures or “Bone-breakers”, which is being reintroduced in the area. Jo and Jeanne worked very hard to create a paradise to enjoy, not only for themselves but also for those who came to visit: this is the origen of the idea to create “Camping Cortijo San Isicio”.

Before the creation on the campsite there was nothing on the land and they had to make terraces, plant trees, construct their house, working day and night, meanwhile living very simply. Their expenses increased as the family and their needs grew. So Jeanne went to the local market to sell the products from the vegetable garden also honey which Jo lovingly collected from his beehives. They olso exported ecological almonds and garlic to Holland which they themselves transported and so were able to increase their income.

Once they had sufficient finances, they created “Camping Cortijo San Isicio”, little by little, which hardly any publicity and much sacrifice In this way, not only people from all over Spain but also all of Europe began to come. From 1995 until today each year and we can say that we make a big family where only ties are the beauty, the simplicity, the love of nature and the harmony

Actually, a new generation, Lieke and Stan (two of their children) continue to work alongside her in order to continue this dream and affer an excellent service to lovers of relaxation and tranquility. Most important is that everything we do emanates from our hearts and with all our affection in order that this campsite is a paradise that YOU AND YOURS can enjoy.